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Abrasive Cloth Belt

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Product number:Y53

1.Roughing machining, for casting, casting gate, burrs. 2.Removing oxide coating....


Y53       Rough machining

Type: Y53Abrasive grain: 

zirconia grain, 40% zirconia, multilayer coat

stearate coat for removing
high temperature


 Y weight, polyester cloth, oil resistance and



composite glue, very

high peeling strength,

can be consumed in high pressure.

grit scope:


   241459500979118665.gif  361459500979118665.gif  40  60  801459500979118665.gif




1.Roughing machining, for casting, casting gate, burrs.
2.Removing oxide coating.

1.In heavy pressure condition, Removing oxide coating, Grinding casting, parts gate

   of casting, burrs of stainless steel and alloy steel.

2.Y57, only grit 40#, compare with Y53, more efficient and sharper if grinding bigger

   casting  gate  and bigger contact  area. On the contrary, not competitive.

3.In general, for grit 40#, Y57 is sharper, Y53 is longer  service life. for unknown polishing

   condition and different quality product, need more test.

4.From the microscopic principle, the zirconia grain is always sharper than that of alumina

   grain in all pressure condition.

5.In big pressure condition, when temperature of contact point is higher than centigrade

   400, it shows longer service life than that of alumina and calcined alumina. Grits coarser

   than 40# (including) is about 3 to 5 times, difference is very big. For the grits finer than

   80# (including), the temperature  of contact point that is higher than centigrade 400 ,

   lasts too short, its advantage is not obvious,because zirconia grain can be self-sharpen

   when it is higher than centigrade 400#. 

6.When pressure can’t meet the requirement, with consuming, the contact area is bigger

   and bigger, alumina will show slippage, not cutting. Calcined grain and zirconia grain

   all depend on its first sharpness to grind, all can’t self-sharpen, it can’t work any more

   as soon as the sharpness of grain doesn’t exist.


 Stocked standard size, quickly offer 

▼ 50mm×2108mm


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